Glistens with top-end production values - patent Grimes electric guitar and lap steel snarling and squalling, surfing over an undertow of twitchy pulses and beats. Maybe 2017 is worth hanging around for, after all!

Raymond Greenoaken/Stirrings mag

Little Sadie

(trad. arr. Grimes/File)


This CD single release marks the coming together of a pair of musicians from two very different musicalworlds.

Jed Grimes is a BBC Radio Two Nominated folk singer, musician and arranger known for his innovative settings of traditional song.

Rob File is the guitarist and a songwriter/programmerwith the group Audioweb.

Their blending of acoustic roots flavours with electro beats and textures heralds a new approach to traditional music.

JED GRIMES: vocals, guitars.

ROB FILE: keyboards, programming, bass.