Early years...

Smitten by the rock n roll records brought home by elder brother Mick, a youthful Jed joined the hordes of 60s teenagers struggling to wring the intro to Johnny B. Goode out of a cheap plywood guitar, in the hope that it would open the door to meeting girls!

A few years later, having simultaneously discovered the arcane magic wrought by Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and The Beatles, Jed fell among bad company at school in Hebburn-on-Tyne (aka Ireland-on-Tyne) with assorted musical miscreants with whom he would eventually re-discover his,own family roots via the Irish songs, jigs and reels reverberating down Cloverhill Avenue from the family home of John Doonan and his sons Kevin and Mick.

Jed soon joined with the Doonan boys and Phil Murray in the second line-up of Hedgehog Pie.

Throughout the 70s and three distinct line-ups, the band recorded 3 successful albums and played every festival and major venue in the UK, including The Albert Hall!

The solo years -

Following the success of The Hush, Jed felt ready to put together his first solo CD, Head On. The complex, innovative arrangements of traditional and self-penned songs drew massive critical acclaim, multiple plays on Radio Two and kick-started Jed's presence on the festival and club scene as a solo performer.

Heart&Hand followed after a 7 year hiatus: again a hit with the reviewers, and engendered a tightly packed 2013/14 on the road playing festivals and clubs from Aberdeen to Cornwall.

The present -

2016 and time for Jed's new CD release. North Face is a return to the source for Jed. All acoustic, layered guitar, bozouki and lap steel supporting Jed's signature vocal style on songs from Ireland, Northumberland and Appalachia. There's even a guest appearance on uillean pipes, flute and whistle by Jed's old Hedgehog Pie mate Mick Doonan, squaring another musical circle in troubadour Jed's long and illustrious career as an innovator, arranger and performer of traditional song and dance music from UK, Ireland and various points east and west of there!


pic: Allan McMillan

The early 80s saw Jed flirting with radio, fronting the Jed Grimes Folk Show on both local BBC and Metro Radio.

Around this time, Jed and accordionist/keyboard player Pat Rafferty formed a cajun/soul band with the exotic name Dust on The Needle. The Dusties played up and down the country, did sessions for The Paul Jones Blues Show on Radio 2 and generally had a rare old few years.

Another raucous good-time line-up was Pacamax, which featured various Lindisfarne personnel and functioned as a 'holiday band' where everyone could play their arses off away from the concerns of image, management and career.

Came the millennium, and some production/arranger duties with The Northumbria Anthology led to Jed taking his house band on the road. Including Bob Fox on lead vocals, The Hush played Cambridge, Cropredy and a rake of other prime festivals, recorded one album 'Dark To The Sky' gained a couple of BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominations, then quit while it was all still fun.